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“Of course, it’s all about my patients.  I need to max the time I spend with them and, while documentation is certainly necessary, it uses up a lot of valuable hours that I can’t afford to lose.  That’s why I use Systems4PT.  They have a System that automates that part.”


Jamie Rockwin PT, DPT
Owner, Therapeutic Solutions


How we do it…

We have invented Evidence-Based Automated Documentation Patent Pending that cuts documentation time in half and assures full reimbursement.  If you’d like to see it work, enter your name and number below and we’ll call to arrange a convenient time.

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Pay for Performance:  An Important Look Ahead

Pay for Performance: An Important Look Ahead

Documentation time has increased to the point where it impedes on both your treatment quality and your quality of life.
Looking ahead, our migration toward pay-for-progression reimbursement will make things worse.

The conflict is obvious: We will be paid for progression, (and hands-on treatment is the only thin[…]

Your Biller is Leaving.  These 5 points explain what to do next.

Your Biller is Leaving. These 5 points explain what to do next.

Your biller tells you they’re leaving. Suddenly, a topic that hasn’t crossed your mind in years is a practice-threatening crisis: How do I replace my biller? These 5 points are vital to making the right choice when re-staffing this critical position:

Candidates who are fresh out of billing school are readily avai[…]

Easy Math: Why You Need to Change Your EMR

Easy Math: Why You Need to Change Your EMR

Physical therapists generally agree on two topics:

Too much time is spent on documentation. EMR feels slower than paper documentation.
The inefficiencies involved with changing EMR seem more intimidating than the time lost every day with “slow-poke” documentation. . . so practice owners are hesitant to change the[…]

Are You Poisoning Your NPI?

Are You Poisoning Your NPI?

Consider this: It’s 2018 and today is your five-year anniversary as a DPT in the practice. You love every aspect of your job and you’re looking forward to a substantial pay raise. After a reassuring stream of compliments, you are then told that there won’t be any pay raise for you because you’re now a liability. Yo[…]

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