Physical Therapy Software: Scheduling EMR and Billing


Lowest Cost

Systems4PT was the first fully integrated EMR in Outpatient Rehab. Today, we remain the market leader, offering both the most sophisticated technology and the lowest cost.

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G-Codes Simplified

You don’t need software to help you select, code and defend G-codes, (1 to 3 minutes). You need technology that will recommend G-codes and then code, document and defend G-codes for you (10 seconds). And Systems4PT delivers!

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schedule-hands-on-demoThe website for every EMR promises faster documentation. But you’ve learned that typical EMR is slower than how you used to document on paper.

Systems4PT is the one exception.

The best way to grasp our intuitive work flow and industry- leading efficiency is to document an eval and some notes, first-hand, on your own computer. Then you will know that Systems4PT EMR is the fastest and most compliant software you have ever used.

You’ve found the solution you’ve been dreaming of. Put Systems4PT technology to work, and take your life back!


First Generation EMR are check list systems (what every other EMR uses). Second Generation EMR recommends defensive documentation and coding to the therapist, based on evidence.


  • G-codes with every other EMR are 10 to 15 clicks, on 3 different screens, plus 15 to 40 typed words.
  • G-codes with Systems4PT are 3 clicks on one page (and our documentation includes much better defense).