The front desk module organizes all necessary tasks into real-time work lists. Patient check in is automated with a fast, intuitive approach.

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The fastest EMR in outpatient rehab means less typing and more treating. Document an eval in 4 minutes, a daily note in 90 seconds with higher compliance vs. how you document today. Prove it to yourself with a hands-on trial.

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Billing & Collections

The undisputed highest collections in outpatient rehab. Integrated payer rules guide all staff toward clean claims that get paid, supported up by our unique, extraordinary emphasis on collection calls – This is the only way to be paid what you deserve.

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Practice Management

The point of practice management is to maximize profitability. Systems4PT is the only technology that reports profitability, by therapist, by month AND the steps necessary to improve it.

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Our Client Testimonials

Ilena Kipnis, President
Kipnis Physical Therapy, Secaucus, NJ

"I would not have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. Systems4PT is the only practice management company I’ve found who delivers what they advertise."


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Paul Whittaker, PT,MPT
Montgomery Physical Therapy

"What I can truly say is that my clinic is functioning better now than it was 4 years ago! We are more efficient, our reimbursements are much better and it has allowed me to focus on managing and growing Montgomery Therapy as opposed to chasing down payors."


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Ann Duffy, PT, Owner and Founder
Duffy & Bracken Physical Therapy, PC

"I sleep better because I am a Systems4PT user and my business has grown every year since I became a user in 2011."