About Us

How It All Started

About Us: Systems 4PT® was founded in 2002 and was the first fully integrated EMR in outpatient rehab.  Today, Systems 4PT® has thousands of customers and five offices, nationwide.

Systems 4PT’s founding management team continues to own and independently manage our company, whereas the other two leading EMRs in outpatient rehab are owned and controlled by venture capital banks.

The other EMR companies you research discuss vague claims of faster EMR and higher collections. Systems 4PT’s value proposition is crystal clear:

  • No other EMR is faster
  • No other billing solution collects more
  • And no one charges less than Systems 4PT

Dan presents, “How to Document an Eval in half the Time”

at the Ohio APTA conference

Our System overview will demonstrate the technology that has literally leapfrogged every EMR in outpatient rehabilitation.

Roger, part of our live 24/7/365 telephone technical support

Systems 4PT® will enable you to:

  • Document in half the time vs. any other EMR – Prove it to yourself with our hands-on documentation trial
  • Defend your rationale with twice the compliance in half the time
  • Average 9% higher reimbursements
  • Collect money 50% faster compared with any other billing system in outpatient rehab
  • Call our U.S. based technical support 24/7/365
  • Pay 1/3 less than you are spending for EMR and billing today

These are not suggestions.  This is what we deliver.  This is what you can expect with Systems 4PT.

As it is with HIPAA compliance, our cloud-based technology is the gold standard in outpatient rehabilitation.  Systems 4PT has eliminated the significant HIPAA liabilities that plague every web-based PT EMR.

Follow our protocols and the practice owner will enjoy a six-figure salary with 10% pretax profit. Our unique approach to documentation, billing, and practice management enable levels of success that you probably thought were no longer possible in outpatient rehabilitation.

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Our Philosophy

Our goal is to be the premier supplier of practice management software and billing/collection services for outpatient rehab clinics. Our focus therefore is people – customers, team members and vendors – working together to accomplish our goal.

We will succeed because:

We are passionate about helping therapists treat their patients, so we proactively analyze our customers’ objectives and invent streams of innovative operating software and collection techniques to achieve those objectives.

We consistently employ leading-edge technologies to provide simple, direct, intuitive, “designed for delight” operating systems.

We stay lean, competitive and most of all entrepreneurial.

We concentrate on detail, because the last 5% is often the difference between success and failure.

We proudly use American talent and technology whenever possible.

We govern our every deed by what is “just and right.”

Joseph S. Montgomery
President & Founder

Circa 2002…

Systems 4PT® began when our founder, Joe Montgomery, was receiving physical therapy for a rotator cuff injury suffered while playing flag football with his kids. His physical therapist, Val Ramsdell, told Joe about her wish for a better EMR, something designed specifically for PT’s. Joe (who had started a number of companies in his life), told her that he would attend a few trade shows and find a system… and, said with a warm smile, “If I can’t find one, I’ll write one.”

That routine appointment for therapy, and Joe’s great belief in the possibilities and benefits of physical therapy was the beginning of an exciting journey that has resulted in the technological leader in outpatient rehab with thousands of therapist partners who are now “part of the family.”

Systems 4PT® is driven by innovative ideas from our clinic partners, our staff and, of course, the requirements of CMS. Watching our early clinic partners struggle with slow documentation, imprecise billing, and poor collections, we were driven to innovate robust solutions. Enabling them to spend their time treating. The system recognizes and reacts to payer rules and compliance requirements, guaranteeing the submission of clean claims.

We do not subscribe to incremental solutions, we believe in revolutionary change. Through the years our innovations have often been misunderstood by the other leading software suppliers. But with the benefit of time, they’ve seen the light, and today, much of outpatient rehab is trying to emulate our revolutionary approaches.

So we’re sorry about your shoulder, Joe, but without that injury thousands of therapists would be spending their days typing rather than treating.