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Billing & Collections

Learn How to Increase Collections Per Claim by 9.2%

Payers are POUNDING Your Practice with Technology.

Your practice must respond with superior technology . . . Or you will collect less than you deserve.

The Stats Speak for Themselves:

On average, practices using Systems 4PT increase collections per claim by 9.2% vs. their prior approach to billing. Nationwide, Systems 4PT practices collect their money in an average of 18 days

  • This stat includes workers comp and motor vehicle claims
  • This collection cycle is half that of the other two leading EMR systems in outpatient rehab

Despite the fact that reimbursements have dropped industry-wide, the average collections per claim for practices using Systems 4PT has increased each year for the past four years.

Big-Data Analysis

Claims scrubbing is only as effective as the rules engine that drives it. Systems 4PT is the only billing solution in outpatient rehab that uses big-data analysis to maintain our rules engine.

Systems 4PT constantly analyzes payment trends for every practice, every payer, and every date of service that we bill in your region. When new payer requirements are discovered, we add them to the rules engine.  You focus on the patient. We’ll track the changes in payer rules.

Systems 4PT Technology Creates The Cleanest Claims in Outpatient Rehab, and that’s a big reason why our practices are paid 9.2% more with our software

Artificial Intelligence Maximizes Collection Calls

Even with clean claims, payers make mistakes (lots of them.)  The key to maximizing collections is maximizing collection calls.

Systems 4PT leverages Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to analyze the payment trends for all payers and all of our practices in your region. When our technology identified a claim that has aged beyond the norm, the computer assigns the claim to a collection specialist who calls the payer.


  • BCBS pays the practices in your region in 15 days
  • A.I. identifies a BCBS claim in your database that has aged 17 days
  • A.I. assigns the claim to a collection specialist who calls the payer

We don’t wait until the claim is 30 or 60 days past due to call the payer, and that’s why Systems 4PT’s collection cycle is half that of the other available billing solutions.

Your Front Desk Should Be Integrated in the Same Database with Your EMR and Billing.  Is It?

Answer three questions to determine if the billing software you use is actually damaging your practice:

  1. “When the biller transfers deductible charges to the patient, do you see the deductible charges on your front desk screen when you check in the patient?”
  2. “When you’re in the billing software, can you see therapist documentation?”
  3. “When you’re in the billing software, can you see the scans that the front desk entered?”

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, your billing module is not integrated with the front desk and EMR, and:

  • You’re collecting 3-5% less revenue than you should because no one is asking the patient for the co-insurance and deductible balances that are owed
  • Your billing is not integrated with your front desk
  • Your biller will never maximize collections without access to scans and EMR

A common “band-aid” is that the biller logs into both the billing software and the separate EMR software to get data. But with this approach:

  • You’re paying extra user fees every month
  • Instead of working past due claims, you’re paying your biller to jump between systems and manually move data from the EMR to the billing module

These compromises are costing you tens of thousands of dollars each year.

You deserve to be fully and fairly paid for your services.