Your Front Desk Should Be Integrated into the Same Database with Your EMR and Billing

With Systems 4PT, your front desk is cued to collect patient deductibles and co-insurance balances that were transferred from the billing department

  • Systems 4PT’s billing module communicates with the scheduling module because they are integrated

Beware of Web-based PT software that doesn’t transfer patient charges to the front desk

  • When therapy billing software is in a different database than the scheduling program, deductible and co-insurances charges transferred to the patient are not visible at the front desk
  • The result: Your front desk staff won’t have a clue about what they should collect
  • This unsophisticated approach will cost your practice approximately 3-5% of revenue

The Expensive Half Truths You’re Being Told About Billing Integration

Some Web-based PT software play fast and loose with the truth as they claim to offer integrated billing.

In reality, these companies have to export CPT charges from the EMR to the separate billing software, and these exports often fail.

As discussed above, the front desk has no visibility of how much deductible or co-insurance charges their patients owe.

When being misled during a system demo, be sure to ask the question, “when the biller transfers co-insurance and deductible charges to the patient, are those charges visible at the front desk?”

Clean Claims That Get Paid – You Will Only Find This Technology in Systems 4PT

What is the most important feature of scheduling software?

Efficient patient onboarding?  Fast scheduling?  Appointment lists and automated reminders that minimize cancellations? Patient portal?  Color coding?  Editable time slots? Collecting Copay?

These topics are all important.  Systems 4PT provides this list and more. However, each of these topics can be perfectly completed but your practice can still fail if the associated treatments are not paid.

The most important feature of scheduling software is the ability to create patient accounts that comply with payer rules and result in clean claims that are paid.

Big Data Analysis – Integrated Payer Rules

Systems 4PT guides your front desk staff to comply with payer-specific rules.  If any element of the patient’s demographics or benefit validation doesn’t satisfy payer requirements, the patient is added to high-profile lists for triage.   Systems 4PT constantly analyzes payment trends for every practice, every payer, and every date of service that we bill in your region.  When new payer requirements are discovered, we add them to the list of payer rules.

Patient Eligibility Integration TM (PEI)

Systems 4PT integrates with major payers’ computers and verifies patient’s eligibility.  Patient and responsible party demographics are verified.  Copay, co-insurance, remaining deductible, and remaining cap dollars are updated with the payer’s latest data.  All of this is touch free and at no charge.

“You submit the data that the payer is expecting, because the data came from the payer’s database.”

The Result of the Above Technology:  Clean Claims That Get Paid™

  • Your front desk is easier to staff as Systems 4PT provides the detailed outpatient rehab specific experience needed to create clean claims
  • Your practice enjoys higher first-pass acceptance (and fewer rejected claims) than any other scheduling module can provide
  • Your billing department spends their time collecting cash from payers vs. finding, researching, correcting, and rebilling claims that were rejected because of human error
  • Your practice adapts to future payer rule changes, automatically
  • You focus on restoring your patient’s prior level of function